November / December Update


Congratulations to Kurt Tippett drafted to the Adelaide Crows and his brother Joel Tippett rookie listed to the Brisbane Lions.

Well done from the PIT crew your hard work, consistency and dedication are the cornerstones to the ultimate success of our programs.

In November I attended the world renowned strength coach Charles Polqiuin’s Biosignature Modulation seminar.

Charles presented groundbreaking techniques he’s developed to assess an athletes’ hormonal profile to ensure optimal hormonal balance for fat loss, muscle gain and recovery etc.


Joey and The world’s best Strength coach Charles Poliquin at the Biosignature Modulation Seminar

In other Ultimate Sports Performance strength and conditioning news. I have signed up for another year with the Southport Sharks as the Head strength and conditioning coach, to repeat the task of 3 flags in a row!

Sharks coach Jack Crowley and myself have mapped out the pre-season to include a concentrated focus on running biomechanics, speed, agility, maximal strength and explosive power and maximal aerobic speed work as well as some other unorthodox methods such as strongman training and team building bootcamps.


Saw Ultimate Sports Performance athletes Tay Zimmer (50m and 100m) and Haydyn Stoekel (200m) both win national backstroke events.

Stoekel is one of the new athletes to the PIT and Ultimate Sports Performance. Stoekel said he was impressed with what Ultimate Sports Performance had done for Tay Zimmer and he wants a slice of the action.

Both swimmers have qualified for the 12th FINA World Swimming Championships in March. Both are set to dominate with new PB’s in training at the PIT and in the pool leading up to the March championships.

Super Swimmer Zimmer Swim strength and conditioning clinic:

Joey Hayes and Tay Zimmer travelled to country Victoria to put on a swim conditioning clinic in Warrnambool at The Splash Factory Swim centre.

The clinic was attended by over 50 athletes and adults.

The feedback was great with all athletes learning new swim techniques from Australia’s backstroke champion and her high performance strength and conditioning techniques from Ultimate Sports Performance.


The swimmers give the clinic the thumbs up!


All smiles in the Pool with champ Tay Zimmer