2006 Wraps Up, looking forward to 2007!

2006 Wrap up:

Well what a year it was! Ultimate Sports Performance continues to grow and evolve and our athletes continue to get bigger faster stronger and become more successful. The PIT has grown with new athletes, programs and equipment in the facility.

This has culminated in athletes drafted to the NRL and AFL, swimmers representing Australia and breaking world records and other athletes in our programs producing career best performances and the results they so desire!


Saw a familiar faces back at the PIT for a bit of holiday action. The athletes love THE PIT and were having withdrawal symptoms. They love it miss and can’t wait to get back in there to throw some iron around. Kurt and Joel Tippett both dropped by to visit the athletes in the PIT and provided some motivational and inspirational advice for those who want to emulate their feats.
Nat Barnes on break from the Titans dropped by to experiment with a few new training modalities, to maintain and improve his strength and conditioning levels over the break.

Charlie Francis Seminar:

As part of my policy for continued education I attended the Charlie Francis seminar. Charlie Francis has coached some of the world’s fastest men and been instrumental in the development of other speed coaches around the world. The seminar was attended by other leaders in the strength and conditioning field such as Lachlan Penfold from the Lions and Mitch Kochonda and legendary surf coach from Northcliffe Pat O’Keefe.

All agreed the seminar was well worth attending considering he has produced numerous men to run sub 10 seconds. (Joey and Charlie at the Runaway Bay Sports Super centre)

This knowledge I obtained at the seminar has already been put to good use, with athletes at our Speed, agility, quickness and reaction camps already producing better times with the implementation of new techniques and theories presented by Charlie Francis.

The knowledge presented at the seminar is vital and is critical to the success of my speed, agility and quickness programming.


Joey and The world’s Best sprint coach Charlie Francis at The Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre

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