The Power of an Insatiable Work Ethic

USP - The Power of an insatiable work ethic

Congratulations to Haydyn Stoeckel winning a Bronze Medal at The Olympics in the Mens 100m backstroke.

I had the pleasure of coaching Haydyn at The PIT in early 2007.

He is a great kid with a phenomenal work ethic and a great example of perseverance!

The exciting thing is he is only going to get Bigger, Faster and Stronger!

His parents, Chris and Carols’ unwavering belief and support for Haydyn, was most definitely a cornerstone was his success!

He still holds the PIT Gym Record for the Front Bridge (12 mins) under our Professional Athlete Category

The PIT Gym crew and Ultimate Sports Performance salute you!

Joey Hayes
Strength and Conditioning Specialist