December 2008 USP Strength Training Equipment-Innovative, creative, performance enhancing only available from USP!!

As always, I’m experimenting with new equipment to make athletes under my guidance better.

I came across a few ideas from Russia, Germany and the USA and have begun production of some ground breaking new pieces of training equipment that are a must have addition to any gymnasium that requires elite sports performance. 

Due to shipping costs it was not practical to import or purchase the heavy duty equipment. Thus, I have sourced a company willing and able to make the equipment that any high performance gymnasium requires.

Sleds, Farmers Walk apparatus, Prowler or the Australian version known as the Heart Breaker, stealth Foam Rollers, Super Grippers for finger strength and Cyclone Device have been key pieces of equipment in the development of superior athletes.

Go to the Products section to purchase now. There’ll be a video showcasing these phenomenal pieces of equipment in action and an article detailing the benefits of the equipment.