PIT Athlete Bryce Retzlaff Drafted to The Brisbane Lions

For the second year in a row THE PIT produces another Drafted AFL Footballer….

From out of nowhere PIT Athlete, Bryce Retzlaff has been one of only two Queensland AFL footballers to be drafted.

He was picked up by the Brisbane Lions at pick number 84 in the 2009 draft.

His selection stunned most people, but really shouldn’t have.

Collingwood player Dayne Beams, told Bryce about THE PIT and said if you’re serious about your football and you want to be the best you can be, see Joey.


Bryce Retzlaff

In my time working with Bryce his work ethic, willingness to push through pain and commitment to achieve his goals could never be questioned.

I remember him rocking up with a plaster cast on his arm and on crutches, with his death metal music CD in hand!

No whingeing, no complaining, simply asking…..ok Joey what do you want me to do for training tonight?

It was at the exact moment I knew this kid was the real deal and nothing was going to stand in his way to achieve his dreams!

Case in point:

Bryce ran the draft camp tests with a broken toe and busted foot!

This is goes to demonstrate his extraordinary resolve and high tolerance to pain.

Bryce congratulations from all the athletes in THE PIT!

You can read what Bryce has to say about training with me in the testimonials section.