A lesson in perseverance…

Broc McCauley Rookie Listed to Brisbane Lions

Overlooked in the 4 previous AFL Drafts…..you’d have to wonder if you were talented enough to get drafted…..

But that was not enough to stop him from pursuing his dream…..

The sharks best and fairest, selected in the AFLQ team of the year…

He simply played and performed that good the selectors could no longer ignore him…..

Broc McCauley Big Guns

It had to happen, this bloke is a physical specimen standing at 200cm 100kg+ ….he is Strong, Fast, Powerful and Agile!

For the past 4 years Broc McCauley has been training in THE PIT like a man possessed!

As expected he dominated the draft camp tests and was in the top 10 for all of them.

Brisbane Lions fans should be very happy with this choice!

See what he says about training with Ultimate Sports Performance