Strongman Camp for Athletes

Date: Saturday January 15th

Time: 7am

Venue: Varsity Lakes

Investment: $24.00

Bring: Football boots, Running Shoes, Water Bottle, Hat and Relentless attitude and desire to succeed!

Hurry Places Extremely Limited and Filling up Fast!

First 5 Athletes to sign up receive FREE Secrets of Elite Sports Performance E-book.

Announcing: The FASTEST Way to Become a Better Footballer!

Who Else Wants to GAIN the EDGE OVER their COMPETITION?

Dear Parent/Footballer,

What would it be like to know you are the BEST PREPARED ATHLETE on the field?

What would it be like to NEVER LACK CONFIDENCE AGAIN?

How would it feel to finally MAKE that REPRESENTATIVE TEAM you’ve been overlooked for?


How about a Fully PAID SPORTING SCHOLARSHIP to the school of your choice?


How good would it feel to finally GET the RECOGNITION and RESPECT of your COACHREP SELECTORS and your TEAM MATES?

If ANY of the above resonate with you, YOU NEED STRONGMAN CAMP!

Dayne Beams: Collingwood AFL Player

Within 3 weeks Joey increased my vertical jump by 29cm, my speed, agility and explosive power went through the roof! Joey has mastered the art of strength and conditioning and fine tuning football performance!

If you are fair dinkum about having a crack at playing AFL I’d highly recommend training with Joey Hayes.


1. Developing Lung Busting Endurance, Super Human Strength from head to toe!

2. Develop Lightening Speed, Blistering Acceleration and Unstoppable Agility!

3. Keep Injury and Pain Free, Rehabilitate Old Injuries and Stay Healthy for a life time!

4. Become a Bigger……Powerful….Dominant…Intimidating….Mentally Tough Footballer!

5. Overcoming your Physical and Mental Weaknesses with Unstoppable Confidence!

6. Precise Football Skills

7. Turn your body into a lethal tackling machine regardless of your size, height or weight!


In this day and age it is not enough to simply develop the athletes physical qualities such as speed and endurance.

YES they are important and will make them a better athlete….

BUT we Demand and Expect more! We want to develop their character as well.

STRONGMAN Character Traits will serve our athletes extremely well and make them successful for the duration of their lives in any endeavour.

So what do I mean by developing their character. Simply put we expect our athletes to exude:

  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Work Ethic
  • Focus
  • Leadership
  • Commitment

Dr. Bob Lodge, Consultant Physician. Feedback from a parent.
Joey’s expertise and knowledge, grounded in sports science, has significantly enhanced Matt’s football ability. But, more importantly, Joey’s ability to instil and inspire self belief and to develop leadership in his athletes truly sets him apart. Joey is a great role model for junior athletes, in sport and in life, and practices what he preaches.

Many Coaches try to copy what I do but none of them can duplicate the results. Often footballers attempt to train on their own yet they have NO direction and are merely guessing what should be done. Most footballers are actually detraining themselves, making themselves slower, weaker and increasing their risk of injury.

When you train at STRONGMAN CAMP, there are NO mistakes.

My training methods have been proven and the results speak for themselves!

Matt Warren: QLD Junior AFL Footballer
Through Joeys advanced training program I decreased my body fat by 7kgs. This enabled me to play better football and make the QLD team!

Apart from Cutting Edge Training Methods, what else do you get that will GUARANTEE you SUCCEED?

  • Training Success Checklist
  • Nutrition Success Checklist
  • Recovery Secrets Checklist
  • 5 Minute Meals Cook Book
  • Mind Blowing Motivation Report
  • Ultimate Sports Performance Leadership Traits Booklet
  • Injury Prevention Secrets Checklist

There are only 7 Strongman Training Camp places remaining, once they are filled there won’t be another intake until 2012.

Register Now to Avoid Disappointment and to Secure your position at the Strongman Training Camp for Athletes before they Sell Out!

Yours sincerely,

Joey Hayes

P.S. This is a rare chance to acquire this powerful information and techniques to transform yourself into a PhysicallyDominant, Explosive Athlete that dictates the ebb and flow of competition such that they are victorious.

Call 0438 54 50 58 to book now!


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