The Top 6 Strength and Conditioning Coach Business Tips

Q: Joey what are some business tips that you would give to aspiring strength and conditioning coaches?

1. Focus on being the BEST!
When you’re the BEST you have NO Competition! I do not know what my competitors charge or what services they offer. I learned from a young age, that my services are unique. If you look at what your competitors do, you become like them, ultimately losing your creativity and vision.

2. Get Amazing Results with Every Athlete you coach!
It goes without saying; great results will guarantee a long waiting list of athletes that are dying to train with you! Through my experience, the most dedicated athletes will travel to and train with whoever can get them the Best Results!

3. Be selective about who you work with.
Do not accept every athlete that walks through your door. Only work with athletes that will go above and beyond what is required to succeed. Remember every athlete that you coach is a walking talking billboard for you, so need to guarantee they get great results!

4. Go above and beyond, under promise, over-deliver.
If you run through brick walls for your athletes they will do so for you-Enough said! Most athletes can smell BS a mile away, if you legitimately care for your athletes, they can sense it and will do everything they can to help you and your business succeed!

5. Specialise in a specific area or market.
Focus on 1 specific area; don’t be everything to everyone or you’ll end up being nothing to no one! Pick an area that you’re passionate about and dominate it!

6. Practice what you preach.
If you are congruent with the service you are providing it makes the offer all that more attractive!

Personal notes: I have been coaching for more than a decade and have never once had to market my services.

The great Coach King said that if you:
DONT do any marketing,
DONT have any AFFILIATIONS with any sporting teams or organisations
DONT have a FANCY Facility with great street frontage and walk by traffic
and you still have a long stream of athletes coming through your door.

You must be good at what you do.

Just some food for thought.