Biosignature Modulation a SCAM!

Q: Hi Joey, what are your thoughts on Biosignature Modulation? I know you have attended Charles Poliquins Biosignature Course? Is it a SCAM?

A: Click here to find out exactly what Biosignature Modulation is? Biosignature uses the athletes skinfolds to determine their hormonal profile. Once the skinfold readings/measurements are taken, specific ratios are used to assess problem areas and hormonal imbalance.

The premise then is that the trainer can then prescribe an individualised training, nutrition, supplement and lifestyle modification program to help counteract the problem hormones. Once the hormones are optimised it becomes much easier to alter body composition and enhance sports performance.

Like any form of assessment, it requires a high level of accuracy and experience for the results to be Valid and reliable. Valid means the test actually tests what its meant to measure. Reliable refers to the abiity to produce the same repeatable results time after time. 


Reliability and Validity

According to Charles, it takes apporox 10,000 skinfold readings before the tester is accurate with the calipers. So any readings prior to that are fraught with a lack of reliability and validity.

Malcolm Gladwells Book Outliers Scientific Research and Practical Evidence requires 10,000 hours for Elite Performance in any endeavour

I’d be wary about only utilising skinfold readings to make an assessment about someones hormonal profile. In my experience Biosignature modulation in conjunction with salivary hormone and blood tests works best when attempting to assess and determine hormonal profile. Accurate Biosignature Modulation assessment and interpretation is beyond most trainers abilities as they DO NOT possess the background knowledge of functional medicine to make an exact diagnosis or prescription.