PIT Athlete 2XU Partnership

As an athlete you know how important it is to feel comfortable in your skin and with your equipment and we know how hot and humid THE PIT gets in summer time!

Clothing manufacturers have made some amazing in roads to performance enhancing garments that keep you cool, dry, enhance recovery and prevent muscle fatigue.

When I’m training I’m all for blood, sweat and tears in THE PIT! As I know that’s the only way to guarantee a successful result.

With this in mind I’m going to do anything I can to get the edge that will allow me or my athletes to train longer,  get stronger and recover quicker. I’m also fully aware of the performancing benefits specialised clothing can make.

Former PIT Athlete and St Kilda Grand Final Star-Sam Gilbert-now the face of 2XU clothing company called me the other day to let me know about an amazing opportunity for athletes training in THE PIT.

I’m proud to announce that all PIT Coaches and athletes will be comfortably attired in the Elite, Expensive, Exclusive, Superior and premier 2XU performance enhancing clothing. The partnership with 2XU and Ultimate Sports Performance will allow athletes to reap the benefits of utilising the most technologically advanced performance enhancing clothing available in the market place!

World Champ Matty Parks looking sharp in the Coaches polo!