Strongman Camp…athletic performance to another level!

USP - Strongman camp athletic performance to another level

It dawned on me last Saturday at Strongman that most of us have been training together for almost 24 weeks or half a year. During this time we have shared some amazing experiences and have undertaken one of the most rigorous and demanding forms of training that exists.

Together we’ve been able to create an amazingly unique Environment at Strongman Camp that only has Successful Motivated People that are Driven to be the Best they can be!

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Although you come from various sports and teams you all share common dreams, goals and aspirations and the Strongman camp facilitates this. Each and every one of you in attendance has forged a bond that can never be broken.


The physical skills, mental skills, and other non tangibles such as camaraderie and leadership skills are evident in each and every one of you. As a coach it makes me proud to see you well on the pathway to your destination and ultimately your success!

All the best,