How I transformed ordinary athletes into blue chip shares

USP - Nat Barnes, aka the Nat ural featured in rugby league week

Having coached for more than a decade you notice certain personality traits and athletic characteristics that determine an athletes’ sporting success! But there is 1 crucial factor that has played a part in every single one of the elite footballers and world class athletes that I’ve coached.

Blue Chip Stock

They all had a phenomenal pre-season training with me in THE PIT, but they ALL continued with their strength and conditioning training with me during the competitive season. Their meteoric rise from ordinary stock to blue chip shares makes perfect sense!

In-Season Strength and Conditioning Training transformed PIT Athlete Kurt Tippett into Blue Chip Stock

Let me explain……….

What good does it serve investing all the money, time and effort during the pre-season by attending strongman or training in THE PIT and being the Biggest, Fastest and Strongest at the start of the season only to end up slower and weaker by the end of it-the time when performance actually matters the most? What is the purpose of having pre-season training if the results and benefits are NOT going to be maintained during the competitive season?

USP - Dayne Beams
Ultimate Sports Performance Athlete Dayne Beams in Strength and Conditioning won him a premiership!

“In order to finish first, physical preparation MUST NOT come second.” When the stakes are high; such as school sporting scholarships, professional sporting contracts, professional sponsorships or simply making that representative team, athletes MUST take their pre-season preparation and competitive in-season strength and conditioning more serious than ever before. With such a competitive sporting landscape athletes must strive to get the advantage over their competitors; specialised and individualised in-season strength and conditioning will give you or your athletes the edge they need to succeed!

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Joey Hayes