Why your athletes diet fails!

USP - Why your athlete's diet fails

Q: Hi Joey, what diets or nutrition guidelines do you give to your athletes? Brendan

A: Brendan, great question. I very rarely give out diets or highly structured meal plans because in my experience they rarely work.

If you want to look like the food pyramid, Wide at the Bottom and Skinny at the top! Eat like the food pyramid!

There are 4 Main Reasons:

1. They are usually very restrictive which means they are easy to break if the athlete isn’t prepared.
2. They’re not sustainable for the long term, eventually the athlete will break it.
3. They are time consuming to organise and arrange.
4. They do not educate or empower the athlete.

I know some trainers, coaches and companies do not give out nutrition information or it is an additional cost to the training, which is ridiculous as in my experience nutrition affects almost 80% of the body composition results.

Instead I use a martial arts style approach (basic-white belt), (intermediate-green belt) and (advanced-black belt) where each level builds upon the previous level of nutrition based upon the athletes current dietary habits and performance level.

Level 1 General White Belt Basic Fundamental Goals and General Principles

• Understanding and Education of 5 Basic Nutrition Principles
• Adherence to Basic 5 Nutrition Principles
• Macronutrient Education and Understanding
• Hydration Assessment and Monitoring
• Anthropometric Assessment- Bodyweight, Skinfolds, Girths
• Introduction of basic performance enhancing supplements (Post Workout-Protein & Carb Supplements)

To check out the results of athletes that have followed our Nutrition Protocols click the link here:

Once the athlete can demonstrate consistent adherence and mastery of the principles above they can progress to level 2.

Carlton Rookie Listed AFL Player Matt Lodge AFL Transformation

White Belt Nutrition Principles took Matty Lodge from 60-76kgs in 16 weeks!

Gold Coast Suns Academy, QLD rep, Allies player and top 20 AFL 2017 Draft Prospect Brayden Crossley followed the USP Dietary protocols to take 8kgs of fat off in 8 weeks using level 1 principles!
USP Scrawny to Brawny Champion Mick Parks adherence to the white belt principles added 8kgs in 8 weeks!

Level 2 Individualised Green Belt intermediate Protocols

• Individualised Calorie Intake
• Individualised Macronutrient Breakdown Based Upon Bodytype and Goals
•  Consumption of Certified Organic Foods Only
• Progressive Supplementation Protocols-Inclusion of generalised health and nutrition supplements (Individualised Post Workout Supplementation Protocols)

Alex Rayner added 8kgs in 8 weeks with his level 2 dietary protocols

Level 3 Individualised Specialisation Black Belt Nutrition

• Targeted Nutrition based upon extensive testing and assessment
• Nutrient Deficiency/Food Allergy Profiling/Digestive Assessment/Carbohydrate Sensitivity/Hydration Assessment/Microbiome/Genetic/Hormonal Testing through Stool, Saliva and Blood Work
• Targeted Nutrition in conjunction with Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation Therapy based upon the results of the above tests.
• Periodised Supplement Protocol based upon athletes training schedule and sporting requirements.

AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett Reaping the benefits of Elite Black Belt Nutrition Programming!

Level 3 Black Belt Nutrition is usually reserved for full time elite athletes or those with the luxury of having other people prepare their food to their individual needs or those with the time and money to invest on specialised testing services. The result of level 3 nutrition programs is an extremely individualised and specialised nutrition and supplementation program that accelerates performance.

Nutritional Strategies For Elite Performance

For more detailed information and the exact protocols my athletes use check out the Nutritional Strategies for Elite Sporting Performance Manual in the Ultimate Sports Performance Store Page.

Stay tuned for next weeks article outlining advanced supplementation strategies.

All the best,

Joey Hayes