Advanced Supplementation

It’s interesting listening to everyone talk about supplements and what they are taking and using.

“So what are you taking”?

“I’m taking mass gainer 2000″…

“What about you”?

“Yeh I’m on rez-v and tribulus and smell tech creatine blastoroid hogwash b.s, digestive enzymes, ashwaganda and caterpillar hairs, cordyceps sinestrus”!

“Wow man thats a lot of supplements”…..

I call this the shot gun approach to supplementation-take any and everything and hope that it works.

It’s ironic that the majority of these athletes have no right even taking supplements as their fundamental nutritional intake is horrendous. Skipped meals, junk food, soft drinks and the like, yes they spend inordinate amounts of money on the latest and greatest supplement hoping for miracle muscle gain or fat loss….

I’ve got news for you..It’s Not Gonna Happen!

So how do we do it?

For a start supplementation is individualised based upon bio-energetic system requirements of the sport and the athletes nutritional deficiencies, food allergies/intolerances, toxicity and hormonal assessment.

That means the protocols and guidelines are based on an extensive assessment.

The Ultimate Sports Performance Nutritional Assessment for Elite Athletes includes blood, saliva and stool samples sent to the lab. This allows us to ascertain exactly where the athlete is starting from and pin point what the athlete requires in terms of targeted and specific nutrition and supplementation.

After all, it’s not what you actually eat, but what you absorb that dictates your results. If the athlete is having digestive issues it will adversely affect the outcome of all fundamental nutritional protocols that we are attempting to implement with them.

Let’s take a look at some real world examples of athletes I’ve worked with.

Case Study 1:

Elite Female Swimmer has extremely painful menstrual cycles and severe cramps adversely affecting her ability to train and compete. I recommend she undertake blood and saliva testing to assess her hormonal profile.

The result of hormonal testing reveals she is gluten intolerant which is causing a chain reaction that is elevating her testosterone and throwing out her testosterone oestrogen equilibrium.

Step 1:
• Remove all gluten from her diet for 6 weeks (everything) sauces packets, take away etc
• Increase intake of green cruciferous vegetables

Step 2:
Implement Oestrogen Detoxification Supplementation protocols
• Aloe Vera Juice
• Calcium D Glucarate
• Co-Enzyme Q-10

Following 3 months of intensive supplementation the female swimmer has no more menstrual cramps and her hormones are back in balance and she is a lot easier to deal with and no longer attempts to throw loaded barbells at me when she is “hormonal”!

Case Study 2:

Elite AFL Footballer has returned back from end of season overseas holiday and is back training in full swing. During his sessions he is training well and his food log is flawless and in our dealings has been upfront and honest. In the 4 weeks he’s been back training he’s been unable to increase his muscle mass, in spite of a flawless diet and solid training. Upon further investigation he tells me that he’s been feeling a bit flat, not as energetic as he usually is and “feels down”.

(2) Do you know your shit?

I recommend he undertake a Stool sample. The results come back from the lab and reveal the athlete has elevated Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria in the stomach that are causing diarrhoea, gas and other digestive problems that inhibit his ability to absorb all his nutrients.

(1.) Step 1:
Remove the offending pathogen-Destroy the bacteria via anti-biotics.

Step 2:
Replace the digestive enzymes and other factors with digestive enzymes like Bio-Gest Digestive Enzymes.

Step 3:
Re-inoculate with desirable gut bacteria with a quality Probiotic like Mutaflor.

Step 4:
Repair the digestive tract-Glutamine Supplementation is used to repair intestinal lining.

Elite Athlete has miracle gains in lean muscle mass and strength gains, energy levels and mood.

The athlete can now absorb his nutrients therefore allowing his body to have sufficient nutrients for energy allowing his body to repair, recover sufficiently intense training.

The Mind Gut Connection: explains the link between gut health, mood and general feelings of well-being. The gut actually produces hundreds of neurotransmitters that affect cognition and mood. It makes sense that mood improves once the gut is healed. 90% of people that have depression have digestive issues; once the digestive issues are fixed the depression miraculously goes away.

Lesson learned the athlete shouldn’t have eaten at the Los Vegas Buffets!

For more information check out the Nutritional Strategies for Ultimate Physical Performance Manual in the store section of the website.

All the best,

Joey Hayes


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