Joel Tippett Debut for Gold Coast Suns

USP - Joel Tippett debut for Gold Coast Suns

After nearly four years in training, and a horror run with injuries former PIT Athlete, Joel Tippett makes his long awaited debut for The Gold Coast Suns against Big Brother Kurt Tippett from the Adelaide Crows.

I can remember Joel following BIG brother Kurt down to THE PIT about 6 years ago. Kurt and Joel trained together and absolutely tore the place apart.

Both men bought a voracious work ethic and energy that radiated through the facility like it was on fire. Joel Tippett is one of the best athletes I have ever seen!

For his initial screening and testing he performed numerous Single Leg Squats to the floor on both side. 20 Dips , 20 Push Ups, 90cm Vertical Jump all without ever having touched a weight or set foot in a gym. Quite a freak. From all the athletes and coaches in THE PIT JT you’re commitment and resilience has been rewarded.

All the Best on Saturday!

Joey Hayes

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