Strongman Camp Won’t Be Run……

USP - Strongman Camp won't be run

Strongman Camp Won’t Be Run the same way in October 2018…

It’s going to be Even Better!

I’m constantly looking for ways to give you the unfair advantage and get you results faster to ensure you dominate your competition!

In the past few months I’ve travelled to some of Australia’s Leading Sporting Clubs to pick up new ideas…….

I’ve even poached some of their Experts to help take Strongman Camp and your training to another level.

How am I going to Improve Strongman Camp?

1. Expert Coaches…From Elite Sporting Clubs-That’s right you’re going to access elite coaches from professional Sporting Clubs. An 0pp0rtunity to impress in front of these guys…who knows what may happen?

2. Expert Sporting Skill and Technique Biomechanical Analysis-from Elite Coaches. Imagine having elite feedback and your sports skills analysed by experts? What would that do for your skills?

3. Brand New Professional Training Drills taken from Elite Clubs and Unbelievably challenging Cross training activities you’ve never done before…that will challenge
you mentally and physically!

Click Here to Register and Find out How Strongman Camp can Accelerate Your Sports Performance.

90% of the training positions are filled so click here to register so you don’t miss out on the chance to sky rocket your performance!

I look forward to seeing you there!