Strongman Take on Mt Warning Challenge

  The Strongman Crew take the Mount Warning Challenge

Strongman Crew at the start the hike

Saturday 5th November 7am, 45 Athletes aged from 10-70 years of age took on the Mount Warning Challenge. Which also happened to serve as an unload week and form of active recovery to accelerate progress between training sessions and mentally re-fresh the athletes after a solid 3 weeks.

The Strongman Crew at The Summit

The Mount Warning Hike served a dual purpose:

1. To solidify the training group.

2. To further enhance athlete and parent relationships!

3. Active Recovery to provide the athletes with the ability to regenerate and refresh both physically and mentally.

4. To appreciate nature.

“As strong men it’s important to have a deep appreciation for nature. Sometimes in modern living we miss the daily exposure to and involvement in nature and the earth.

In some of the larger cities, one almost rarely sees the sun, and exposure to the forest is rare. Being exposed to nature is said to increase our gratitude, appreciation and receptivity.” King, I.

 Strongman Crew Recovery and Flexibility Session

See you Saturday,



1. The Way of the Physical Preparation Coach. King, I.