No! No! No!

USP - What would everyone else do?

At the completion of one of The Pit sessions last week, I was having a chat to one of the most disciplined and committed Pit Athletes I have ever coached; Southport Sharks Senior Footballer-Callum Carseldine.

During our conversation Callum came up with this gem,

‘Joey most people don’t succeed because they can’t say no! They cant say No Because they don’t know what their priorities are’!

They can’t say no to their mates that want them to stay up late and go party instead of getting to bed early to accelerate recovery….

They can’t say no to the temptation of junk food instead of fueling their bodies with healthy nutritious performance enhancing food…

They can’t be disciplined enough to say no to themselves when they watch tv or surf the internet instead of studying and completing their school or business work.

Saying No is rarely the easy option, it’s the ability to say NO that separates us from the rest of them.

Cal is so committed he has never been late or missed a scheduled PIT training session in 3 years despite the fact he travels from Brisbane, he studies full time at university, works part time, is expanding his own successful business and he’s barely 19 years old.

Want to know his secret-he says NO and he’s being rewarded!

All the best for the week,