What would you do?

USP - What would you do?

I love it when people break through their barriers or self imposed perceived limitations. Former PIT athlete and Strong Man camp member Jesse Cooper is the embodiment of breaking through barriers!

Diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemo he has never whinged or complained once. Instead of being bed ridden and letting life pass him by he has refused the cards that have been dealt to him and is back tearing it up in the gym….only a week after chemo.

Jess Cooper back in the gym for some light training a week after chemo!

This should serve as a reminder to everyone that you have nothing to whinge or complain about, when you’re feel flat or down because you missed out on a team or performed below your high expectations….there are people far worse off than you. For those that refuse to exercise or train hard and eat healthy….learn to appreciate what you’ve got…healthy disease free bodies…make the most of it!

All the best for the week,