My word is the law

USP - My word is the law

Back when I was a young athlete….one of my most influential coaches taught me an extremely valuable lesson…

He called it My Word!

Every time you make a promise to yourself or others you keep it!

He said this could be about any and everything in sport training, business, relationships whatever!

Your word is the LAW!

I am going to follow the nutrition plan 100% of the time.

I am going to complete every single one of my training sessions with 100% effort this week.

I am going to complete my home training program.

I am going to perform my flexibility program once per day.

Every time you promise to help someone or accompany them anywhere you do it!

Every time you tell someone you will do anything for them, no matter how great or small.

Unfortunately most people make promises they don’t really mean and within a few minutes or hours–they forget about having given their word to their coach, friend or person they work with. But the person who was given the promise, doesn’t forget it. Because it’s something they really want or need help with, they store it in their long-term memory.

I only make promises I intend to keep!

By being a person that actually FOLLOWS THROUGH on what they say, you immediately stand out in their minds as exceptional, and gain trust but something even more rare:


Side Note: Brisbane Lions Player and PIT Athlete Bryce Retzlaff had a photo shoot for Mens Health Magazine in THE PIT. For the 3 days before the photo shoot he was laid up in bed crook as a dog with nasty virus. True to his word, he arrived for the photo shoot the consummate professional it wasn’t until after the shoot he informed me of the previous few days.

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes