Would you train here?

Picture this….its 45 degrees and its not that warm moist humid heat….its that sickly dry heat….

The dirt is red….

It stinks like a festering pile of S%@t

PIT Athletes and Elite AFL Footballer Callum Carseldine and Queensland Cricket Player Bryce Carseldine Training in a Stable Filled with S%$t!

The Closest Gym is more than 10,000km away….

You’re on holidays…..

You aspire to be a professional and elite athlete….

It’s too hard…
It’s too hot….
It smells like horse s%^t
There’s no gym close by…

It’s only a few sessions it won’t matter if I miss a few training sessions….

What would you do?

Display adaptability!

Callum and Bryce Displaying Adaptability!

That’s exactly what PIT athletes Elite AFL footballer Callum Carseldine and Queensland Cricketer Bryce Carseldine did when faced with that situation a few months ago.

Rather than rationalise and justify why they couldn’t train, they simply found a way to make it happen.

A lesser athlete would have been content to miss the sessions, but true to their word the boys dominated!

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes