I hate hospitals!

I spent much of last week up at the hospital. It’s amazing; some of the things you see in that place-I see hospital patients in wheel chairs or with their IVs outside smoking!

Unbelievable! When I was consulting with the doctors, they told me that almost 80% of their patients diseases are self inflicted-meaning their laziness and ignorance and refusal to exercise, consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, smokes, drugs or crap foods is to blame for their current state of health.

Now here’s the catch.

As an athlete of The Pit you know how to eat and how to train, every one of you has the discipline, leadership and courage to make your own choices knowing full the consequences of your actions.

You have these lifestyle skills for life. You have NO EXCUSES!

Its pleasing to know that we are accelerating our health and enhancing our performance every rep.