Lethal Weapon Secrets 24/7

Whilst in Melbourne last week I caught up and had dinner with a good mate of mine who also happens to be one of Australia’s most successful AFL Premiership Winning Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

Over dinner it was evident to see why he has attained a reputation as the secret weapon! His attention to detail and standards of excellence are what set him apart. When you see him work you realise that he is at another level and what he does is 24/7.

I mean he is on the ball 24 hours a day 7 days a week in his quest for anything that may enhance and improve his team or athletes performance. Whilst many people may view this as obsessive, in the industry of elite sports performance when you take your eyes off the ball, you’re out of a job or someone else will come along and knock you off your perch.

It’s the same for elite athletes. I think about some of the great athletes that I’ve coached and trained that continue to have sustainable success year after year with predictable consistency. They are great because they are always pushing the boundaries; always looking for ways to improve and get better.

During his Pre-Season in The Pit this year Kurt Tippett undertook many different revolutionary training and nutrition methods to ensure he has an amazing season and continues to stay far ahead of the pack. I’ll outline some of those methods in the upcoming weeks

Very few athletes can do it, because they get complacent. Repeatable excellence year after year is what sets apart the good athletes from from the great!

All the best for the week,