Hunter or Scavenger????

I was purchasing a notepad from the newsagency the other day and I couldn’t help but notice the woman in front of me…purchasing a gold lotto ticket and some instant scratchies….

Normally I couldn’t care less…but the women was incessant about her luck and kept saying, “I hope I get lucky and win a million dollars….you know I’ve spent so much money on these lottery tickets…I deserve to win”…(whilst she probably said it tongue in cheek)..

I instantly thought how many people and athletes think this way and how applicable this mindset is to society in general and contributes to laziness, dissatisfaction, depression and unrealistic dreams and expectations.

Many athletes hope to get lucky…..I hope this super charged adrenalin pill gets me faster….I hope this magic lettuce leaf diet drops fat…I hope this miracle training program builds muscle….

Unfortunately, ultimate sports performance, building a great body or a successful business has nothing to do with luck and has everything to do with hard work.

This lady was a scavenger…

A scavenger is someone who hopes to get lucky, but avoid the hard work…it’s a flawed strategy compared to hunting. As a scavenger you are at the mercy of chance and odds compared to a hunter!

Hunters like you and me-are proactive we actively seek out what we want and need in life and often get lucky in the process….

When you train in THE PIT under the guidance of an expert you become the hunter and your discipline and hard work dictates your ultimate success-no chance or guess work involved!

All the best for the week,