Gold Medal Mindset

On the weekend I ran into an old friend of mine that also happens to be a current Olympic Champion. It was interesting hearing them talk about their preparation for London and when I asked them if they was nervous or felt more pressure about defending their gold medal…I was blown away by what they said,

” I don’t feel any pressure at all, if anything my competitors should be more scared and nervous….In my mind-No one has worked as hard as I have, no one has had the expert coaching, elite nutrition and recovery protocols that I have! It is my belief that I am superior in every facet both physically and mentally, because that is the way I train and the way I live my life.

Many people may mistake this as arrogance or cockiness, but don’t be fooled this person is supremely confident in their preparation and expects to win…there’s no doubt in my mind they will!

Its exactly the same Gold Medal Mindset we take in The Pit.

All the best for the week.