There are no handouts in life!

USP - There are no handouts in life

Whilst travelling through the USA I met a strength coach by the name of Zach….he showed around his underground facility and we had a training session there. At the end of the session we spoke about business, athletes and everything in between.

His training facility is intense and nothing fires him up more than when athletes slacken off. This is what he told me, ”I try not to take it personal when I see athletes slack, lose the eye of the tiger and walk around as if they have no heart beat – unfortunately, that shit pisses me off”. How does one go from being hungry for victory go to being a non-caring, excuse maker??!! For all the knuckleheads who think they’re gonna get a starting position in their sport without working for it, without EARNING it and without having the eye of the tiger, think again! There are NO handouts in life. Sport IS life.

Joey and Zach after the training session!



We learn that our efforts don’t always = success. We also learn the power of the mind. We learn that being naturally gifted doesn’t mean we will beat the less gifted who CHOOSE to outwork you. We all have choices. Ask any successful person and they will likely tell you about the path less travelled.

I KNOW I shouldn’t care about the lazy asses, BUT, I am beyond confused as to how and why people walk this earth with NO heart!

I would also like to thank all the half hearted individuals who walk around nowadays, as YOU make it easier to get to the TOP of the food chain. Thank YOU! The is has been a public service announcement bought to you by Zach.

All the best for the week,