PIT Athlete Bryce Carseldine Wins QLD Wicket Keeper of the Year

USP - Pit Athlete Bryce Carseldine wins QLD Wicket Keeper of the Year

You know those athletes that make you and every other athlete they come into contact with, a better person. That describes the impact Bryce Carseldine has on every person in THE PIT. He always brings it to every session and his sheer presence enhances the training environment. He is an inspiring athlete and just being around makes him you perform at a higher level. He oozes enthusiasm and pulls no punches. (If you had 1000 athletes like him you’d never want to leave the gym!)

Queensland Wicket Keeper of the Year Bryce Carseldine!

If you’re not on your A Game, he’ll question you and your commitment, he doesn’t speak all that often and prefers to lead through his actions, but when he does talk, you listen and you listen up good. If you’re not giving 110%, he’ll just look at you and Ill tell you what, that glare could kill!

Quiet and unassuming, but intensely driven. He’s been in THE PIT Gym so long he’s almost part of the equipment.

His work ethic and character has been rewarded by winning the wicket keeper of the year for the mot dismissals in QLD. Its rare for cricketers to actually undertake any strength and conditioning training or actually push the boundaries. Bryce is every bit as strong and explosive as you could hope for. It shows in the gym and on the pitch with his explosive catches and powerful batting displays. His training in THE PIT makes him lightning quick between the wickets and in the 4 years I’ve coached him, kept him been bullet proof and injury free!

This is a bloke that actually gives up his own time to go out to motivate the youth of Australia by visiting schools to spread the word and benefits about sport. It’s seeing athletes grow and develop like Bryce that makes you proud as a coach not only of their athletic achievements, but who they are and what they represent as a man!

From all the athletes in THE PIT congratulations Bryce you deserve it and the Queensland Bulls call up is beckoning and definitely on the cards!