Sporting Success is so simple….

USP - Sporting success is so simple

He said, “Joey sporting success is so simple”………

No honestly it is… comes down to down to these simple words…..

There’s elegance in simplicity…

“Stronger Than Yesterday”

PIT Athlete and World Champ Matt Parks Getting Stronger than yesterday!

If we’re not making ourselves stronger than yesterday, better than yesterday, then we’re NOT living, we’re not progressing and we’re not moving forward.

You can gauge that progress on your training programs…..

Am I getting Bigger?

Am I getting Faster?

Am I getting Stronger…

Am I getting Leaner…

Progress is your best indicator and does not Lie.

You’re moving ahead or going backwards.


Success comes through accepting the fact that we will suffer and become comfortable with being uncomfortable…especially during our PIT training sessions.

All the best for the week,