Who else wants to know how to take charge of your life and training!

USP - Who else wants to know how to take charge of your life and training

It’s a philosophy some of the most successful, happy and stress free people both in the business and the sporting arena swear by…

It is such a simple skill…it’s scary…..

But a failure to develop this skill can create fear, doubt, uncertainty and frustration throughout your life…

The key skill we MUST Develop is to stop worrying about crap you have no control over!


World Champ Matty Parks only focuses on that which he can control like his training, nutrition and recovery!

I’ve worked with thousands athletes over the past 12 years and I can honestly say that the biggest thing holding them back is their never ending worrying and constant over-analyzing.

“I tried extended tension for two days and it didn’t work. Maybe I should go back to Westside training.”

“The guru says to eat no carbs but coach x says to have tonnes of carbs, what should I do!”

“I don’t know whether to load with creatine or have a specific dose every day.. I’m so confused!!!!!”

Obviously, guys like this will never get anywhere. Their lives will be miserable and their gains in the gym will be horrendous.

That’s because they second-guess every single aspect of their diet and training. When you do that you’re destined to fail. You have to have confidence and believe in what you are doing or you’re doomed from the get go.


Nat Barnes unwavering belief in himself combined with precision programs allowed him to get selected by the Brisbane Broncos this year at 30 years of age!

When you trial for a new team or begin a new business venture you have to have the confidence and internal belief to know that you will succeed. Any shred of doubt will severely impact and diminish your chances of making it happen.

If you have any doubts or uncertainty about your training and nutrition program the same thing will happen and you’ll never make progress.

In THE PIT there are no 2nd guesses everything we do is planned to and executed to perfection with precision of a needle!

All the best for the week,