I Want Your Blood Part 2

In part 1 I outlined why having your blood chemistries performed and results interpreted by an expert can accelerate performance and provide you with an individualised health, nutrition, supplement and performance program.

All of the professional elite athletes that I coach undergo my athletic blood work panel. The panel tests for 6 sub clinical defects outlined in part 1 from which I can do a performance profile.

Here’s a sample of an elite athletes blood work results that were out of range. The clinical and performance interpretation and protocols to rectify the blood work.

Phosphate is high at 1.46 Range is (0.75-1.45) – tubules of kidneys are not filtering properly. When phosphate is elevated can be a marker of cancer. Clinical Symptom Fatigue and Lethargy.

1. Avoid high Phosphate Foods, (see list). Be sure the supplements you are
taking on your own do not have phosphorus. The Creatine, Super Food,
Protein Powder and Multi-Mineral may have a high level of phosphate
2. Supplement with a Protease Enzyme to help clean the amyloid off the tubules

Bicarb is high at 34 Range is (20-32) likely due to glutamine supplementation
• Protocol Quit supplementing with Glutamine: for now

IGE is elevated at 391 – indicative of a toxic exposure to latex, plastic. Clinical symptom skin rashes, allergic responses etc.

Protocols-avoid latex, use latex free condoms and drink from glass water bottles only!

IGA is elevated 3.7 Range is (0.7-3.5). Clinical symptoms eye infections or allergic eye responses, skin rashes etc.
• Protocols:
1. Up Regulate your body’s detox system upon rising
2. Drink Loose Leaf Green Tea
3. Supplement with Milk Thistle

Protein is a bit elevated at 76 (Range <72). Protein intake is good, but your body isn’t utilizing it properly. Can impact upon the athletes ability build muscle and recover from training sessions.
• Protocols:
1. Begin eating Enzyme Foods, (see list)
2. Supplement with Purezyme

Vitamin D is at the high end of normal
• Protocol: Stop taking Vitamin D for 3 weeks, then supplement with no more than, 1200 IU of Vitamin D.

LDL is elevated at 2.8 Range (<2.5). Known marker for heart disease and can be elevated when the body is attempting to excrete toxins from the body!
• Protocol: Supplement with Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine to help burn fat

Athletes Symptoms and Performance Issues
• Chronic aches pains inflammation
• Fatigue
• Skin conditions
• Poor immunity
• Chronic fatigue
• Digestive Disorders
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Low testosterone and high oestrogens
• Depression
• Reduced sex drive
• Inability to reduce body fat or gain muscle
• Poor recovery from training and or competition

Now we have the blood chemistries and know the symptoms and know what to look for we can now take a measured targeted approach and cause of action.

Stay tuned for part 3 where I outline the protocol to rectify the athletes’ health issues.