I Encourage because Im Selfish

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I Encourage Because I’m Selfish

By Callum Carseldine

Its very rare that I left anyone else contribute to the website content. But when you have a quality person like PIT Athlete and Elite AFL Footballer Callum Carseldine that walk the walk and talk the talk and live a focused, dedicated and balanced life, you listen to and respect what they have to say. Its no coincidence that athletes training with Callum raise the bar, he gets the best out of them and leads verbally but also through his actions. Here’s what he had to say. Enjoy!

Yes, as ashamed as I am to admit it, I encourage mainly for selfish reasons. Obviously I love lifting my teammates up but ultimately, I encourage those around me because I want to be encouraged back.

Strongman Leader Callum Carseldine Encouraging and Inspiring the young Men at Strongman Camp 2011


The give to get principle I’ve found is no more evident than with the words I speak. I remember distinctly the early times in my sporting career when I was given words of encouragement. In the soccer season of 2001, I was training on a Tuesday night and my coach Mr Watson saw me perform a volley which in his eyes was perfect and for him to verbalise that to me was something I still remember to this day. Reflecting on moments like these highlight to me just how powerful our words can be and the incredible impact they can have on ones confidence.

As I began to do what my coach Mr. Watson did to me, I discovered that the more I encouraged those around me, the more I was encouraged back. Consequently, this helped build my self-belief and confidence. Work ethic and discipline I feel is a strength that I’ve developed, however, maintaining a high self-belief is a battle I face each day. Verbalising the strengths I see in others invites those around me to verbalise the strengths they see in me which I’ve found has done nothing but build my self-belief.

Callum Carseldine Walking the walk Deadlifting in THE PIT 2012


 Before you get carried away and begin to think I’m always positive and have an easy time encouraging those around me, I must confess that I have and still do talk negatively about some of my teammates and friends. It seems to be a common practise that whenever I’m not picked in a team I felt I should’ve made or if I’ve played a poor game, I look for things and people around me to blame and talk down.

When certain things don’t go our way, it seems to be the ‘norm’ to turn to negative words to justify our circumstances. I confess, that I succumb to this and I highlight this to say that to encourage others I’ve found isn’t something I do instinctively, it’s something I’ve had to be extremely deliberate about.

As with most things that have become a habit in my life so far, I’ve had to force myself to do it in the beginning and this was no different with the act of encouraging. I found it difficult and still do, to take the focus off myself and look for the strengths in others and highlight these through my words. However, the more I did it, the more natural it became and the more I began to receive words of encouragement back. Consequently, this helped build my self-belief which as I highlighted earlier is the biggest challenge I face each day.

Callum Carseldine working on his handball skills


As a result, I now encourage with the hope that it not only builds the self-belief of those around me, but also that they will return the favour and help build my self-belief. Yes, that may sound selfish, but provided my encouragement is sincere and uplifting, I’ve found this to only have positive effects of everyone involved.

My goal is to be drafted at the end of the 2014 season, to achieve this, I’ve no doubt my self-belief needs to be strong at all times! If encouraging those around me can help achieve my goal, then I don’t care how unnatural it may feel, I will do it because I must and I will I aim to do things not based on how I feel but based on the results I want achieve.

Callum Carseldine