I Want Your Blood Part 3

In part 3 I outline the exact supplement schedule and guidelines I prescribed to the athlete in question.

Supplement Schedule and Guidelines:

Initial Goal is to up Regulate his body’s detoxification system and increase his Bowel Function to excrete toxins (See Ways to increase bowel function notes at end of article).

Upon Rising.

1 Teaspoon Honey Raw/Unfiltered 1 tsp Liquify in mouth along with 2 Capsules glutathione Reduced-L 150mg 150 mg powder from glutathione caps.

Take the remaining supplements with 1Tbsp fresh lemon juice and or 1tsp unfiltered apple cider allow for full use of enzymes. 

2 Capsules Ascorbic-C 1000 1000 mg 1 Capsule B-Complex 50 mg

1 Tablet Bioflavonoid 900 mg
2 Capsules Milk Thistle 350 mg Take Mon/Wed/Fri only


2 Capsules Black Currant Seed Oil 535 mg Soften in mouth/bite/swallow all
Use Glutathione Nasal Spray if travelling or exposed to other peoples germs : * Use as needed.

Food Guidelines:

Consume Enzyme Fruits: To improve protein utilization • Fresh Pineapple • Mango • Kiwi • Papaya, • Fresh sprouts. Soak raw almonds in water for 8 hours to Store in refrigerator. Avoid foods high in Phosphorus: * (See List)

1 Capsule PureZyme 18.5 hut Take this with your biggest protein meal of the day
1 Softgel Salmon Oil 1000 mg Balance this with Black Currant Seed oil

30-60 min prior to bedtime
4 Capsules Carnitine-L 250 mg
1 Tablet Carnitine-Acetyl-L 500 mg
2 Capsules Magnesium Glycinate 100 mg
1 Capsule PureZyme 18.5 hut Daily for 3wks, then take every on Mon/Wed/Fri

Re-evaluate after athlete has been on plan for 4 weeks.

Notes: Ways to Increase Bowel Function – if needed
1. Take Cascara Sagrada, 1-2 capsules mid-evening with 8oz of water. Take no more than 2 times a week. Cascara is not recommended for continual, long term use. Explore other ways to increase bowel function if bowel is not moving.

2. Soak 1 Tbsp whole flax seeds 8 hours in water or part water/prune juice (as long as serum potassium is not over 5.0 mg/dl). Drink seeds and liquid each morning. Repeat this in the evening if needed for more bowel function.

3. Add fiber foods to your diet or take a recommended fiber supplement. I.e. 1-2Tbsp per day Chia Seeds.

4. Drink more water throughout the day.

Handheld shot showcasing a brunette, fit female athlete taking a well-deserved break after a workout, drinking water from a glass water bottle. Standing on a boardwalk near the sea, during a golden sunset.

5. Vitamin-C and Magnesium can help increase bowel function. Optimum bowel function is 2 to 3 per day.

Avoid the following high Phosphorus foods for the next 3 weeks. Also check your  supplements for phosphate content

• Alaskan Salmon (fresh) or canned Salmon – 3oz = 300mg • Cottage Cheese – 1/2 cup = 149mg. • Eggs – 2 = 200mg • Green Drinks – many brands available • Hummus – 1/2 cup = 220mg. • Lentils cooked – 1/2 cup = 175mg • Meat/Poultry – 3.5oz = 200mg • Milk – 8oz = 247mg. • Navy Beans – 1/2 cup = 175mg Phos-Nak – 1 packet = 250mg. • Pumpkin Seeds (raw) – 1/4 cup = 333mg • Soy Nuts (toasted) – 1/2 cup = 312mg. • Tahini – 2Tbsp= 220mg • Yogurt plain or Greek Yogurt – 8oz = 326mg

Nasal Spray: Glutathione & Xylitol Use as needed
You’ll Need: • 150 mg reduced glutathione & 1/8 tsp. xylitol. • Nasal spray bottle
• Open capsule of glutathione and 1/8 tsp. xylitol into 3 oz. warm water and mix well.
• Pour mixture into nasal spray bottle.
• Blow your nose. Spray liquid into each nostril until it drips or you feel a burning sensation.
• Blow your nose again. Spray nostrils again.
• Make fresh daily.

Glutathione is absorbed easily through nasal mucosa. Helps fight viruses and is useful with allergies. Xylitol fights bacteria. Preventative use: Spray prior to and after getting on a commercial flight. Use after being exposed to other’s germs at training or out in public.

Up Regulate The CyP450 (the body’s detox system)

You’ll Need:
• reduced L-glutathione 300mg • raw/unfiltered honey 1tsp • vitamin C 2000mg (ascorbic acid)
• bioflavonoid 1000mg (approximately) • fresh lemon juice 1Tbsp

In 1tsp honey, empty the powder from glutathione capsules. Put into mouth and allow this to liquefy with saliva, swallow. Take the vitamin C and bioflavonoid with water that you’ve added 1Tbsp fresh lemon juice to.

This protocol is basic to converting fat-soluble toxins to water-soluble to facilitate excretion through the urine and bowel. So, before starting, make certain that the bowels are open daily (2-3 per day).

Honey is an important part of the protocol. An enzyme in raw honey plus enzymatic (amylase) activity in saliva helps to initiate biotransformation of many toxins.

As saliva acts on honey, it produces glucuronic acid, an important conjugate of Phase II of biotransformation. It has a rather immediate effect on detoxifying solvents.

Vitamin C functions as a hydroxylating agent, which inserts oxygen into the toxin that is being acted upon by the CyP450 enzymes.

Bioflavonoid helps to keep vitamin C in the reduced state for hydroxylation and then helps neutralize the potentially toxic metabolite that is formed as oxygen is inserted into the toxin.

At the conclusion of 4 weeks we re-test and measure the athletes blood chemistries and ascertain how effective the supplements and protocols have been and then update the plan of attack.

Any combination of one or more of the 6 sub clinical defects is evident in all chronic diseases, infections and toxicities which lead to compromised health and ultimately leads to poor sports performance.

Having the blood work would support the fact these 2 athletes are nutrient deficient.

If an athlete is to perform at their peak and at the elite level, they must first undergo blood tests to assess for the 6 defects. Once they have been identified I address their concerns in the order of most important to least important!

My approach is vastly different from conventional medicine, coaching, nutrition and supplement plans, in that we only prescribe supplements after the athlete has undergone blood chemistries. I base my recommendations on the deficiencies and outcomes of the blood chemistries rather than the traditional shotgun approach otherwise known as blind dart throwing approach employed by most coaches, trainers, doctors or naturopaths.

Use every supplement in the world in large enough doses and something should work. About as effective as throwing darts blind folded. You know what you want to hit or aim for but don’t you know where you’re going or where the target is.

As my philosophy and approach recognizes that every person is biologically unique and every person requires modifications or adjustments in the approach for each individual. That’s why a one size fits all approach to wellness doesn’t work that well for many elite athletes. By addressing and treating the defects, both myself and the athlete are able to get at the cause of the disease and associated poor performance rather than simply treating symptoms for a life time.

Using this health model as the starting point and then looking for things that violate the model, the relationship of the 6 fundamental defects to chronic disease, chronic toxicities and infections becomes apparent.

Using this health based model I’ve seen remarkable results in both health and ultimately physical performance. Athletes with Chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, memory difficulties, aches, pains, digestive disorders, chronic depression, systemic impairments, coronary diseases, cancer, auto immune dysfunction have had profound improvements.

Clearly One Size Does Not Fit All!

Please a side note on supplements:

This protocol is specific and designed for the individual athlete in question. Only from a basis of sound optimal health can elite performance eventuate and occur. Many athletes are self administering sports supplements in large dosages as recommended by so called experts the end result is athletes take a truck load of supplements without having their blood chemistry as a guideline. In their attempt to enhance performance they actually negate the effects of health and performance.

Here’s an example of what I mean about an athlete getting his supplement information from the internet:

Just about everything he was doing was being done so without blood chemistry as a guideline. The glutamine he was taking (30,000 mg daily) was a very risky dose, and his elevated bicarbonate reading is a sign that toxicity is already upon him. Such can bring about the Warburg effect, cancer, and neurological problems.

Similarly, he was taking 30,000 mg creatine , a very risky dosage. Rhabdomyolysis and death has happened at such dosages.

Similarly, Beta Alanine was risky. It is commonly promoted as such within the world of high performance athletes. Yet, the body readily uses L-Alanine for a number of different functions, especially in the liver, but not beta-alanine. Beta alanine can only be used for sponging up lactic acid of fatigue. Such sounds good to the athlete, but the excess cannot be used by the liver, and that is where a health risk can occur. Win the race and to hell with life afterwards just doesn’t cut it for the family, and it’s not what this athlete wants either.

The athlete was taking 30 capsules of branched chain amino acids daily in step with training. Clearly, branched chain amino acids are used by the body to build muscle. Yet, evidence that’s popping up on longevity studies shows that people who die prematurely generally have much higher levels of branched chain amino acids than normal at the time of death.

The athlete was also taking 5,000 IU’s vitamin D after following one of the internet gurus said everyone is deficient in Vitamin D, the amount he was taking was potentially toxic. No more than 1200 iu daily.

My suggestion would be to cut way back on the items mentioned here. If his chemistry readings that we are going by were taken while he was taking all of these supplements then our consultation was based on this. So, my general recommendation is to cut back slowly so we can see what he really needs. The follow up chemistry should help us determine his true picture.

So now what?

Id be wary about following many of the supplement recommendations many companies and internet gurus make especially when they are unaware of the toxic effects many supplements have when consumed in large doses without using specific blood chemistries  as a guideline.

All the best,