How to become unstoppable!!!!

USP - How to become unstoppable

When you become unstoppable there’s no rear vision mirror, theres no breaks, theres no looking back, its all guns blazing, all systems go and relentlessly pushing ahead in pursuit of your goals!

Sounds like a dream and is so simple in theory, yet how many people truely become unstoppable?

USP - Unstoppable the incredible power of faith in action


Heres some tips I’ve used and other traits Ive seen/witnessed my most successful clients/athletes use to become unstoppable!

1. Know what you want before you begin-clarity leads to power. Former PIT Athletes Kurt Tippett and Dayne Beams had laser like clarity they both knew they wanted to be elite AFL players and set the wheels in motion by comitting to their training, diet and recovery every day.

AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett is Unstoppable!

2. Choose your company/environment wisely-we all know that the enviornment we spend the most time in will influence us. The most successful athletes are selective with where and whom they choose to spend their time with. They know that by hanging out in THE PIT they are surrounded with like minded individuals that share the same goals, dreams, values, aspirations and commitment as they do. This type of environment creates a synergy and mind blowing energy and atmosphere that inspires each athlete to greater levels of greatness!

World Champ Matt Parks in Elite Company!

3. Be your own MAN or WOMAN-this is one of the traits we instill on all of our athletes that train in THE PIT or attend our Strongman Camp! Put simply means think for yourself, call your own shots, set your own levels and standards of excellence and do what you say you’re going to do.

When you exhibit these 3 traits you effectively live life on your terms…. your rules…you become confident…you are self validated….you empower yourself…you take action and persue your dreams…

You Become unstoppable!

Lets play the game and win!

The mental game is crucial to life and success both on the field and off it…

Back yourself in for it…

Become unstoppable!!!

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes