Its what you do when no ones watching that counts..

USP - It's what you do when no-ones watching that counts

Last Saturday we were fortunate enough to have Gold Coast Suns AFL player, speed machine and inaugural Strongman Camp member Joel Wilkinson share his insights on what it takes to become elite.

USP - Joel Wilkinson

He basically said that “It’s what u do when no ones watching that counts”.

He used his own personal examples about giving up Schoolies week, staying away alcohol, drugs and parties.

He spoke of training on Christmas and New Years Day and going above and beyond what is expected during and away from training such as his nutrition, hydration, sleep, recovery and flexibility.

He spoke about seeking out experts and his constant research for new training methods, recovery techniques, supplements and nutritional regimes that could potentially give him the edge!

He is on the ball 24/7 and doesn’t take his eyes off the goal.

Its his relentless drive to be the best and seek out experts that forces his body to get better week after week.

When questioned about his resolve when he did not get selected in rep teams, he did not bemoan his non selection he simply asked the selectors what he needed to improve upon and then focused on that area of his game.

If you adopt the same mentality to your life and training how far could you go?

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes