Lessons from Australia’s Strongest Man!

USP - Lessons from Australia's strongest man

A few weeks ago I was assisting Ant Cosentino reigning Australia’s Strongest Man in preparation for his title defense at the Strongman National Titles being held up at Redcliffe.

Australias Strongest Man Ant Cosentino Truck Pull


Whilst training in THE PIT he was also giving a few of the younger PIT athletes some of his inside tips from years and experience that comes from spending large amounts of time training and under the bar.

At the conclusion of the session once the athletes had left we had a chat about the value of sports into every other aspect of life.

He said, : “Whilst we all have the desire to be world class and or professional athletes, the reality is that very few will actually achieve world class status….but that doesn’t mean training is a waste of time…the key values you learn whilst training like preparation in order to succeed, discipline, work ethic, commitment, willingness to push on and through pain, overcoming resistance and working towards your goal and overcoming failure or rejection that we face as athletes during our sporting career are priceless in todays society when we finish up with our sport.

Australias Strongest Man Ant Cosentino Axle Deadlift


Its these qualities that are going to make our athletes successful in every aspect of life, business and or academics.

Sports performance training and competition = Life Skills

Once you get out and compete you’re either ready or you’re not! How well you perform in competition comes down to how well you prepared…sounds like life right….

Sports necessitate learning the value of preparation. It necessitates learning how to enjoy preparation. It necessitates actually preparing!

Think that might be a good life lesson?

Its not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win! Vince Lombardi!

Australia’s Strongest man Ant Cosentino reaping the benefits of superior preparation in THE PIT!


Ant has not missed a training session in over 6 months; any wonder why he dominated the national titles Claiming Australia’s Strongest Man Title for the 2nd year in a row and booked himself a trip to the USA for the Strongman Arnold Classic Competition!

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes