Goal Setting For The Elite

USP - Goal Setting for the Elite

At strongman last Saturday we were fortunate enough to have 2 elite AFL players and PIT Athletes Kurt Tippett and Bryce Retzlaff come down to take the strongmen for their training session.


USP - Kurt Tippett and Bryce Retzlaff at Strongman At the conclusion of training during the Q & A session one of the athletes asked how they prepare and what personal goals they set for themselves.

It was an interesting answer considering neither of them spoke about picking up 30 possessions or kicking 6 goals.

Both players said they focus on what they can control which are the processes for example they can control how hard they train how disciplined they are with their sleep, nutrition and recovery.

USP - Kurt Tippett and Bryce Retzlaff at Strongman


They will study the opposition player they are likely to match up against during the week to analyse they’re weaknesses and strengths to figure out how they are going to play and getting to as many contests.

Rather than the end outcome which is kicking goals or on team selection.

It’s a great lesson for anyone of any age. Focus on the processes a the things you can control.

There is Elegance in simplicity and often at times athletes over complicate things and put tremendous pressure on themselves worrying about things they have no control over.

A better avenue for success is to focus on the process and the things you can control and the outcome will take care of itself.

All the best for the week.

Joey Hayes