You want to succeed…you’ve got to get this….

USP - You want to succeed, you've got to get this

A few days ago..I caught up with one of Australias’ most successful business coaches…we discussed many topics and the conversation turned to the major factor determining a persons success…

I asked,  what he feels separates the good from the great or those that will succeed from those that wont!!!!

“Self belief”!

AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett exudes humbleness and a quiet unwavering self belief!


If an athlete or anyone for that matter believes in themselves.

They will succeed as it is this mindset that will allow them push on in even the most pressing of situations…it is this mindset that will allow them to continue on the journey no matter how many doors get slammed in their face…no matter how many times they fail….


Because they believe in themselves and internally know they will succeed…its just a matter of when!!!!

They don’t look for external sources or people that believe in them….

They believe in themselves… And it resonates from every fibre of their being…. So how can you get it?

How can you harness and foster self belief???

Through my experience you can develop this quality….through challenging training sessions that force the body and mind to new levels…..

Do this day in day out and you can’t help but build physical and mental resilience………

AFL Star Bryce Retzlaff knows that the physical training he does will prepare him for any challenge life throws at him!

Knowing that you can handle anything that gets thrown your way….

Superior training programs…..and associating with people that encourage you and believe in you….

Now….that’s an environment conducive for success….

Its what we breed in THE PIT!

All the best for the week,