How High Do You Set The Bar?

USP - How high do you set the bar

By answering this question honestly…determines your own personal standards…

Do you push yourself to higher levels or make excuses as to why you can’t reach them?

Is it Ok if you miss training sessions or reps because you’re tired?

Is it Ok to show up a minute late or fail to record your weights precisely?

Is it acceptable if you don’t follow the program strictly because you don’t feel like it?

USP - Kurt Tippett heart rate variability testing in the Pit
Sydney Swans new recruit Superstar Kurt Tippett is no stranger to Raising the Bar!

As a coach I constantly ask myself am I raising the bar for my athletes or bringing it down so they can achieve?

As a coach it is my personal responsibility to make the athletes I coach better.

Better ….in many different ways…be it physically, emotionally, mentally and even socially.

Most coaches I know, focus only on the physical part….but that is only a small piece of the puzzle..

I’ve witnessed first-hand the tremendous changes elite coaching can make to every aspect of the athletes’ lives and I attribute that to the environment we create, expectations we make and accountability that follows.

For my athletes to achieve more in sport and in life, I must continue to raise the bar.

USP - Raise the bar

Meaning I need to hold them accountable to a higher standard.

I must get them to believe in achieving more and not settling for anything less than their very best.

I must get them to understand how that how they think will affect how they perform.

I must get them to understand that every little thing they do and don’t do does matter.

I must get them to understand that not everything is going to go their way and it’s up to them to decide how to respond to the situation.

Dayne Beams went from missing out on an AFL Grand Final due to injury to winning the Club Best and Fairest 12 months later as a result of raising his own personal standards!

I must get them to understand that if they have the desire, effort, intensity and do it consistently then more times than not, they will be successful in your chosen endeavor.

So the question remains are you raising the bar or bringing it down?

All the best for the week,