Do you live in OAR?

USP - Do you live in oar

On the weekend I was cleaning up The Old PIT and found a very old large sheet of butchers paper.

On the butchers papers was a  Horizontal line drawn in the middle of the page.

Then the memories came flooding back…I remember I used this to describe to my then PIT athletes about the 2 different types of people.

Those that live their lives above the line and those that live their lives below the line.

Above the Line
Below the Line

USP - OAR vs Bed

I then discussed people that live their lives in a state of OAR or people that live their lives in BED.

People that live in OAR live and above the line are Victors!

People that stay in BED live below the Line are Victims

Accountability = Victor
Excuses = Victim

Any athletes I coach in THE PIT are expected to live above the line and in OAR, meaning they take ownership, accountability and responsibility for everything that occurs in their life!

There is no room for staying in BED or Using Blame, Excuses or Denial to justify why you are not where you should be.

Elite AFL Player Bryce Retzlaff refuses to be a Victim! He takes ownership accountability and responsibility for every aspect of his life!

Set your standards of excellence high and exceed them in all aspects of your life.

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes