Pay Now….Play Later!

USP - Pay now, play later

Last week we were finishing up our final sets in the gym and one of my most committed elite athletes recounted an interesting story to me…

He said there was interesting thread on facebook, now both myself and this particular athlete don’t spend all that much time on facebook…but this worthy of a comment anyway…

So the story goes a women in her early twenties that he works with has a substantial amount of money saved up. On her facebook post she asks for advice, she has 2 options.

The first option is to spend the money on an overseas holiday and around the world trip for 8 months and the second option is to use the money as a deposit for an investment property.

What do you think the responses were?

95% of the responses encouraged her to spend the money and travel and see the world!!!

5% of the responses suggest she invest in property.

The athlete upon seeing the thread had a few words of absolute golden wisdom!

He wrote,

Play Now, Pay Later!

Pay Now, Play Later!

Elite AFL Player Callum Carseldine Paying Now So he Can play Later!


Lets apply that concept to the sporting world!

You’re an elite junior AFL footballer you just turn 18 years of age….
You’ve now legally able to drink, go to pubs, there’s parties to attend…alcohol to consume.

You’ve finished school, you’re now an adult and can choose to do what you want!
Ironically enough…you can play now!!!

And do all the aforementioned things outlined above…..and it may be fun, and all your friends and mates may be doing it…

But you will Pay Later! By that I mean you may just reduce your chances of becoming elite, becoming professional, missing that crucial training session because you’re still under the weather or trying to recover from that late night out!

Conversely, you may Pay Now by staying in or getting home early from the nights out when your mates are out late, staying off the alcohol, off the drugs and all the things that seem so attractive to the young naive teenage mind, but by doing so, you dramatically increase your chances of playing later, and by playing later there will be plenty of time to play later after you’ve had a sensational career as a professional athlete…

Callum Carseldine Pushing Limits in THE PIT


So you may sacrifice initially but the rewards are paramount!

The question remains will you pay now and play later or play now and pay later…by not fulfilling your potential!

I know some young guys that stopped training at strongman camp because they couldn’t go out on a Friday night.

Same concept once again-We’ve paid the price now by both investing in the elite training and paying by sacrificing those nights out so we can train early on Saturday morning!

The results are- that we will perform far better!

Be better prepared and reduce your chances for injury and ultimately increase your odds for elite consistent performance!

Ill pay now and play later, thank you very much!

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes