Creating a Culture of Success

USP - Creating a culture of success

I often talk about standing on the shoulders of giants…

Which is an analogy for using the knowledge and experiences of other people that have achieved what you aspire to achieve ….

The kaizen principle…..small incremental improvements time and time again that equate to large improvements over time..

Learn from the best in your field to be the best in your field….

And Im a big believer in the more you learn…the more you earn….which is why its so important to keep learning.

As a coach Im always on the lookout to learn from other successful coaches….that produce consistent world class results with the athletes with whom they work….

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend time at the reigning AFL premiers the Sydney Swans and check out their facility, training methods and talk shop with Damien their Strength Coach…

Kurt Tippett, Damian and Joey Hayes at The Sydney Swans SCG Training Facility

We had a chat about many different aspects to the physical preparation for athletes but one thing that stood out from our conversation was the most important aspect of their players……it wasn’t their strength, speed, power or endurance…

It was their psychology…..and the players mindset which is paramount to the clubs culture of success.

I’ve been told the Psychology Of Winning Manual contains the glue that ties it all together and links the physical preparation to the psychology of the athlete! And when fully read, understood and implemented will further exacerbate the results your players’ receive.

The Sydney Swans have been known for their fantastic culture…meaning they have a fantastic work ethic (don’t require constant supervision), and are disciplined both on and off the field…(its just the culture)

Whilst watching the Swans players train both in the Gym and on the track allowed me to evaluate my own athletes in THE PIT and at Strongman Camp….and the traits and results are strikingly similar.

How do I Develop a Culture of Excellence in THE PIT Gymnasium!

I create a successful culture by setting expectations for all of the athletes I coach. This is in relation to what is expected at training, during games and off field as well. I explain the benefits to the individual athlete and collective team or group as whole and how this will assist the team collectively. The key to this process is having the athletes set the expectations and take ownership. I ask them for their feedback to see if they feel it is fair and reasonable or if they disagree, in other words I don’t TELL them what I think is appropriate; I let them tell me what is acceptable.

Elite Footballer PIT Athlete and Southport Sharks Star Player Callum Carseldine raises the standards for himself and the players that he trains with!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 Next Week.

All the best for the Week,