Creating a Culture of Success Part 2

USP - What does THE PIT teach you

Last week I wrote about how we create a culture of success.

Following on this week is part.

Let the athletes take ownership of the expectations and let them enforce the expectations. Expectations and or team rules at training may include punctuality, attitude, work ethic, training attire and equipment, hydration requirements.

USP - Matt Lodge, Blues
Former PIT Athlete and Carlton Rookie Matt Lodge actions and words make him an ideal athlete to build a culture of success around!

I have found that when you raise the bar and expect the best from your athletes they will attempt to meet and exceed those expectations. I expect success and I expect to win and this is the culture I create at all the teams I consult with.


As the coach you are a role model to these athletes and you should be extremely wary of your words and actions. If you smoke or drink fair enough but doing this whilst in view of your athletes may not be the best look or image to go for.

To foster excellence and trust I lead from the front and I always speak positively of my athletes in both private and public.

I listen with 100% intent and use uplifting words during conversation!.

By applying these principles to sport and life will ensure you have success as well.

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes