I missed out on the team

USP - I Missed out on the Team

One of the biggest challenges faced by almost every single athlete at one time or another is missing out on the selection in a team…

Sometimes athletes that miss out on their team selection will say,

The coach doesn’t like me….
Its rigged….
The team was already selected….

In my experience these negative thoughts and beliefs don’t get you anywhere….

And in fact, actually hold you back….

Almost everyone knows the story about NBA Superstar Michael Jordan missing out on selection in his high school basketball team then busting his guts over the pre-season to earn a place on the team the following year and as they say the rest is history..

USP - Michael Jordan - Slam Dunk


I’ve coached numerous athletes that missed out on team selection;
Kurt Tippett never represented the Gold Coast Stingrays Under 18’s and was only called up to represent QLD U/18 team a few days before the National carnival..

PIT Athletes and AFL players Sam Gilbert, Bryce Retzlaff and Broc McCauley never played in the Under 18 National AFL Carnival….

USP - Sam Gilbert in the old Pity Gym
St Kilda AFL Star Sam Gilbert busting out Chin Ups in the Old PIT dungeon the following pre-season after he was overlooked for QLD U/18 team


Yet, they still managed to get drafted and play AFL at the highest level!

A few years ago, Dayne Beams missed out on the Collingwood Grand Final due to injury and possibly could have missed out due to a slump in form.

He comes out the following year wins the Collingwood AFL Club Best and Fairest and makes the All Australian team!

A Young Dayne Beams perfecting his Lunge Technique in THE PIT

In life and sport you have 2 choices when confronted with a decision that doesn’t fall your way…You can whinge and cry about it…..or you can take massive action and prove them wrong…

I know that any athlete I coach who has gone through my interview process…will be a major asset to any team….due to work rate, leadership as well as their physical and mental skills!

One of my best athletes was overlooked for selection on the weekend, as a coach its hard to see an athlete bust his guts at training, do all the right things on and off the field and fail to be rewarded….

I said that….“It’s simple you continue to play that well, the coaches, selectors and recruiters can’t ignore you”.

Life and sport is full of challenges and nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter and knowing the man that you are, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Dominate, blow minds and play at the elite level you know you are physically and mentally ready to play at.

No one can go with you.

No one has had the preparation you’ve had.

So how did he go?

35 disposals and best on ground display in what he said was the best game of his life…


Great athletes stand up and be counted!

Great athletes work hard and take setbacks on the chin….

I know this athlete will be playing where he belongs…will you?

All the best for the Week,