Pumps Vs Drains!!!

USP - pumps vs drains

“It’s extraordinary…their attitudes, their work rates, the levels of encouragement and enthusiasm…..self-coaching…..there’s no negativity…

I’ve never seen an environment like it…it makes me want to train here and train right now”!!!

Callum Carseldine Is a Pump and Inspires and Lifts up Everyone Around Him and pushes them to greater levels of greatness!

Were the exact sentiments echoed by all of my students completing my elite coaches’ certification to describe exactly what they saw during all of their PIT Training sessions they attended….

One of the students in particular who has worked with many professional sporting organizations asked what my secret was…..

It’s a simple analogy I call “Pumps or Drains”….

As a coach, I rarely need to yell in order to motivate….I never have to use fear of punishment to get athletes to work hard…..why?

Because of a process we utilize before we even begin to coach our athletes….
As part of our athletes contract they simply agree to be a PUMP!

Former Brisbane Lions Player Bryce Retzlaffs Energy during his games and training sessions is contagious. And is definitely a bloke you want in your gym and on your team!!!

In other words they are expected to be positive people and give off positive energy.
The opposite of that is a DRAIN-people that drain or give off negative energy.
If we are positive, we give off positive energy and create a positive environment.
If we’re a drain, we make ourselves and everyone around us miserable.
Eliminate negativity in all aspects.

Carlton Rookie Matty Lodge Dominating the Tredsled! Considering the challenges he’s had could easily have become a drain..but is one of the most intense inspiring athletes to ever walk through The PIT Gymnasium!

The rule is simple- if you’re a pump of positive energy, you’re in!
If you’re a drain, you’re out!

As a coach or athlete it makes your life a whole lot better when its full of Pumps.

It’s just the way we do things here, it’s simply the culture and environment that we have created and protect. It’s exactly why we don’t accept every
athlete into our program.

All the best for the Week,