It’s the little things that give you away…

USP - It's the little things that give you away

Last Friday night I’d finished up coaching in THE PIT and was waiting with one of the younger athletes for his parents to come pick him up.

They live almost to Brisbane and have to travel quite a distance to pick him up…they were running a little behind due to traffic and roadworks.

Now most average athletes’ would just sit and wait outside for their parents to pick them up.

After all, the young athlete could be forgiven for doing so, after all he finished his scheduled training including his warm down so he’d be fine for thinking there’s nothing else left to do.

Which would only be partly true.

But this is no ordinary athlete…instead of waiting outside the young athlete is on the foam roller doing extra soft tissue work and more flexibility work as that is his biggest area of weakness.

USP - Kurt Tippett in-season strength and conditioning training
Even as a junior athlete Sydney Swans Superstar Kurt Tippett always did the 1 percenters!

As a coach it makes me proud, I don’t have to say a word…or ask an athlete to do extras… It’s just expected…it’s just part of our culture.

It’s also the inspiration for the title of todays’ blog post.

‘It’s The Little Things That Give You Away’

Guess what?

This athlete is an elite footballer and an elite cricketer representing QLD for both…

It’s the little things like those outlined that give him away!

It’s the little things like the extra work (like foam rolling, soft tissue work and flexibility) that you perform when no one is watching that counts…

Elite AFL Footballer Callum Carseldine is one athlete that always does the little things!

It’s the little things like staying disciplined on your meal plan…

It’s the little things like monitoring your environment and being selective of the mates you choose to hang out with…

It’s the little things that you tell yourself…..

It’s the little things like completing all the assigned sets , reps and exercises on your training program, writing in your weights and times on your training program and putting your program and equipment away where it belongs.

Little Things become Big Things and Big Things ultimately dictate the results in every aspect of your life!

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes