The Vital Components To Your Sporting Success!

USP - The Vital Components to your sporting success

For more than a decade, I’ve witnessed athletes that weren’t physically gifted or talented succeed, due to a relentless work ethic….and ferocious intent! I have seen athletes that seemingly have everything going for them and have 1 thing that is largely out of their control derail their progress…..

Do you know what that is?

Their parents….

I learned early in my coaching career that parents can be a massive help or hindrance…..that is why we interview the athlete and their parents before permitting them into our program.

You only have to flick on the TV to see where sporting parents are over stepping their mark…

I remember hearing about one coach who had to physically restrain one of the parents and ban him from his gymnasium as he would routinely yell at his son whilst standing outside the gym to work harder and then tell the coach how to train his son because the coach was doing it all wrong!

Interestingly enough, the father was a lawyer, so this coach then proceeded to go the lawyers office and yell at him from the doorway to work harder and then tell him how to do his work because he was doing it all wrong…just so he could see how it feels…….both from his sons perspective and also the coaches perspective…

I digress..

Brisbane Broncos Speedster Nat Barnes Parents were never hurling abuse at him from the sidelines

Any athletes that receive elite professional coaching services are extremely lucky to have supportive parents that invest in you. Not every athlete is as lucky as you! Parents drop you to training, pick you up from training. Take you to the physio, doctor, podiatrist, massage therapist etc. They support you in all endeavors so you can reach your full potential.

A lot of times we forget how many sacrifices they make for us. When you read this go and talk with your parents and express gratitude for everything they do, have done for you in the past and everything they will continue to do in the future.

Pit Athletes are the lucky ones. Yes, I’m sure your parents would prefer to be sleeping in on a Saturday morning, but instead they are their driving you to training or competitions. Without 100% support from your parents, you will never make it. Show your parents gratitude by your actions, words and deeds and I guarantee they will continue to support you in every endeavor you do.

As a side note to this, I gradually learned that young athletes that simply get given every thing like access to elite coaching without having to exchange anything of value aka Dollars or work towards their training investment tend not to work as hard or appreciate it!

Collingwood Superstar Dayne Beams Paid his Own Way to Train in THE PIT as youngster!

That’s why it’s a non-negotiable rule that the athletes I coach MUST contribute to the training investment…for young athletes this can be as simple as doing some chores around the house or getting a side job to help pay for the investment. The same also goes for the professional athletes that I coach, generally their club pays for the training.

When you pay for something or contribute towards it you tend to value it more, you appreciate it and you work harder in order to achieve your goals-its just human nature.

I remember back when I was training with Olympic Gold Medalist Hurdler Sally Pearson and remember her mum working multiple jobs so Sally could train recover, eat, sleep, repeat and compete. Sally never ever let her down, she trained with 100% intensity every single session, she always had the eye of the tiger and was willing to do whatever it took! That appreciation and gratitude has never been lost and you see those qualities come out in her every-time she races!

USP - Sally Pearson Gold Medal
Sally Pearson reaping the benefits with gold in London!

On the weekend I ran into the parents of one of my most talented junior athletes, we had a brief chat and they told me of the massive hours they were working. I asked why they were working such massive hours and they said, “Our children deserve the BEST! I work my butt off so they can have every opportunity to succeed”!

Its feedback like this, that makes me humble, and makes me realize the massive responsibility I have to ensure the athletes under my guidance succeed and be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives both in and out of the sporting arena!

All the best for the week,


PS. To my mum, happy mothers day! And thanks for your unwavering support and for putting up with me for the last few decades, I think you deserve the gold medal!