PIT Athlete Katie Brennan Drafted to Western Bulldogs!

USP - PIT Athlete Katie Brennan drafted to Western Bulldogs

The message came through 15/5/2013 10.32pm Katie Brennan-Drafted Western Bull Dogs!

It’s always a great start to the day when you wake up to a message like that! Katie is the first female athlete from THE PIT to be drafted to the AFL…

USP - Katie Brennan, drafted to Western Bulldogs


And follows a list of many other successful drafted PIT Athletes…namely; Kurt Tippett, Dayne Beams, Sam Gilbert, Bryce Retzlaff, Broc McCauley, Joel Tippett and Matty Lodge etc….

Kurt Tippett Back Squatting  in THE PIT 2013

Like most elite athletes she’s overcome many obstacles….When Katie began training in THE PIT in early 2012, she had previously suffered chronic osteitis pubis that had restricted her for the past few seasons….

When we sat down for our initial interview the goal was simple.

Rehabilitate her mind and make her body bullet proof….

With those goals in mind Katie was pain free within a few months and has had no injuries since!

USP - Katie Brennan, Richmond Tigers working on hand skills at Strongman Camp 2013
Katie Brennan Skill and Games Based Fitness Drills-In Close Ball Work with QLD Under 18 State Rep Dan Van De Werken


Its easy to see why this lady is an All Australian Footballer…

It comes down to the effort she puts into her training and commitment to excellence.

She would travel upwards of an hour and a half to train at our facility and endure massive traffic jams and roadworks along the way 2-3 times per week…

She backed herself…..

She funded her own elite coaching and training and sought out the best experts to help her achieve her goals….

She worked multiple jobs in order to be able to train…

USP - Katie Brennan at AFL off-season training camp
Katie Brennan Strongman Camp 2013 Farmers Walk

All this whilst studying full time at university….

It’s this relentless work ethic in the gym and on the training track and the non stop self belief, that separates her from the pack!

I know when an athlete is willing to do this….they are destined for success!

Although, at the time there was no national AFL League for females, Katie pursued her goals and her dreams regardless, in the hopes that one day they could become a reality.

Now those hopes and dreams are!

USP - Katie Brennan, Richmond AFLW Captain, tredsled at USP November 2017


Katie we look forward to adding your jumper on the wall with the other athletes that have been drafted!

From all the athletes at Strongman and in THE PIT-congratulations you deserve it and I look forward to seeing you dominate at the “G” on June 29th!