The Coach Hates Me!

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One of the biggest challenges for aspiring athletes is handling feedback from coaches.

Often young athletes think the coach doesn’t like them, especially if the head coach is on their back demanding excellence and wanting to get the best out of them.

I remember having a particular athlete at our first Strongman Training Camp and questioning him directly about his lack of energy and enthusiasm quite simply; it didn’t look like he wanted to be there…..

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At the end of the session he came up to me and said “Joey why don’t you like me? Why are you always calling me out”

I said “The answer is simple, you and I both know that level of training is not up to our standard. Your body language, endeavour and enthusiasm towards the other members at the camp is unacceptable.

The reason, I called you out and the reason we are having this conversation is not because I hate you, if anything its vice versa and the other way around!

He said, “What do you mean”?

I said, “Trust me, you have problems when the coach says NOTHING and you train like that….The only reason I called you out is because I actually care…I care enough to let you know that you have the talent, but your work rate and intensity was not there today”.

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How an athlete handles feedback comes back to an athletes maturity.

As an athlete constructive criticism from trusted coaches, friends and colleagues holds the keys to self-improvement.

One PIT Athlete in particular Callum Carseldine takes feedback to another level!

He will review his game by sitting down with a coach watching his match day video, he’ll compare that to his notes and self rating and score he gave himself for the game and then hire another outside expert for his analysis.

Is it any wonder Callum Carseldine will be knocking on the door of an AFL Club next season!

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes