5 Best Travel Tips for International Athletes

USP - Joey's Top Tips to stay healthy and flu free this Winter

Hi Joey, I read an article of yours in the In The Black Magazine where you were interviewed about the best travel tips for travelling athletes. You only briefly mentioned some of the things you have your clients do. Have you got any other tips you’d be willing to share with us to make our flights and competition better? Corey

Hi Corey, thanks for the question. Yes I’ve got quite a few travel tips both myself and elite athletes use when flying overseas.

1. Preparation. We’ve all heard about the 5P’s of planning! Prior planning prevents Poor performance! Make sure you know about the region you’re going if you haven’t been there before! This allows you to source out great quality food, shops, restaurants, training facilities, physios and massage therapists before leaving the country. The internet or being friendly with your travel agent can go a long way to enhancing this process.

2. Comfort! Get comfortable! I have the athletes I coach fly first class or business class if they are able as it makes for a far more comfortable flight especially on long haul flights! Another way is to break up the flight for example if flying to Europe from Australia I recommend the athletes have a a few days stop over in Singapore as it breaks the journey up and allows them to stretch out have a sleep in a real bed, get a massage or any medical treatment and ultimately perform better during competition. 

If they are unable to get seats in business class we encourage them to get window seats or multiple vacant seats to themselves so they can stretch out. The window seat allows the athlete to bunt a pillow up against the window to provide support for their necks. Some airlines allow you to pay to have an empty seat beside you so check out whats available.

3. Flight Nutrition and Hydration: The next important aspect of the flight is the food and water! And this is where not planning can be a performance killer. We all know plane food is inedible at the best of times and not a great deal better in business class so we have our athletes pre-pack easily accessible foods (nuts, dried fruits, meal replacement shakes, beef jerky, turkey, salads, fruits, raw food balls etc) that meet their dietary requirements. Some athletes have used KB’s intermittent fasting when flying with great success with no adverse side effects on health and or performance.

USP - Fill 2 Pure Water Bottle

Bottled water can be purchased prior to boarding however it can be expensive and of poor quality on flights, so we encourage athletes to purchase a fill2pure water bottle which is a water bottle that filters the water, thereby allowing them to access quality filtered water.

4. Supplementation. I’m a massive wrap for supplementation on board flights. It serves 2 main purposes help boost nutritional intake and secondly boost immunity! The re-circulated cabin air is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses so it pays to do everything you can to boost immunity.

USP - Joey's Top Tips to stay healthy and flu free this Winter

We have had great success with Xylitol + Glutathione Nasal Spray Pump to kill bacteria and viruses that circulate through the cabin air. As well as supplements like Melatonin to help aid with sleep. (You can click here to check out my article on how we overcome jetlag)

5. On board flight bag and equipment. Ear plugs to block out the noise, eye mask to block out the light, pillow to support head and neck, hoodie jackets that can be used to keep you warm or used to support head and neck rests, running shoes easily removable and comfortable to walk in once you get off the plane, skins compression garments can aid venous blood flow return to the heart and help assist with circulation. many of the athletes.

I coach have long track pants that can be converted to shorts by simply undoing a zipper at knee height.These pants are ideal as they can be used to keep you warm or you can take them off if they are too warm. I-pods can also be used to block out noise or used as a university on wheels. Book or Kindle to read to keep you amused and help time pass quicker. Toothbrush for keeping the pearly whites in perfect condition (You can read about my article on the importance of oral health here).

These tips have kept me healthy and strong whilst spending time travelling through Europe, Japan, South East Asia, Northern America and South America.

All the best,