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Q: Hi Joey, I read your I want your blood article and am really interested in your thoughts about toxicity and exposure to athletes and its impact upon your health and ultimate sports performance? It seems everything these days is toxic and going to cause cancer or give us man boobs and upset our hormonal balance. Can you outline your thoughts and guidelines if any that you provide your athletes to reduce their exposure to toxins. Thanks, Leon

A: Leon, that is a great question and I definitely pondered whether it was all a marketing scam. But truth be told the scientific and my practical evidence evidence for toxic exposure does not lie. This is higher level stuff and most athletes and general public need to be concerned with simply getting their nutrition sorted before they worry about toxic exposure.

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Like my tiered nutrition system I have a tiered toxin exposure system as well from which my athletes work from based upon what we have most control over.

Step 1. Consume only certified organic protein and produce. Meaning only eat certified organic fruit and vegetables. This is due to 2 main reasons; certified organic fruit and veggies are certified to be free from toxins like pesticide residues and fertilisers. They will also have higher concentration of nutrients due to better farming processes such as better crop rotation. When the fruits and or veggies are not sprayed with fertilizers or pesticides they have more resistance to bugs which means they will contain more phytonutrients which means they will give those that consume them more bang for their buck (1). Fertilisers and pesticides are also estrogen mimickers which means they act like estrogens in the body when they are consumed. Based on the fact that fertilisers disrupt the bodies hormonal balance and strong evidence they contribute to and cause cancer (2). All our athletes are strongly advised to consume certified organic produce. Since the advent and introduction of fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals to commercial farming there has been a sharp increase in the number of cancer cases…whether this is due to better cancer detection methods who knows, but I’m not taking any risks!

The meat and or protein sources are also another cause for concern regarding toxicity. It all starts with how the livestock are raised. Unfortunately much of the livestock sold in commercial settings are raised in feedlots or cages that are not the animals natural environment or terrain. Hence the animals diets are vastly different from the natural conditions to which they traditionally were raised in. Animals raised in feedlots are fed grain instead of grass to fatten them up quicker for faster profits. This negatively affects the meat quality and changes the fatty acid profile, giving the end consumer-us-less of the essential fatty acids that contribute to health and performance. They are raised in high stress confined areas and are pumped full of hormones and anti-biotics to curb disease. The result is cheaper meat and protein, but food that is of lower nutritional value.

USP - Organic Beef

Yes organic foods are a little bit more expensive but what price can you put on your health and performance? Funnily enough, many people balk at the price of organic food. Again, it all comes back to priorities, and yes some athletes spend tonnes of money on supplements yet aren’t willing to spend good money on certified organic protein and produce. One of my successful athletes Kurt Tippett switched from conventional to certified organic protein and produce during the pre-season and is having one of his best years ever! His energy and recovery levels have sky rocketed!

USP- Kurt Tippett

Step 2. Monitor your source of water both for drinking and bathing. Independent tests conducted on local water supplies would shock you with the amount of bacteria, chemicals and toxins that some water sources contain! Both my house and PIT Training facility have the best water filters you can possibly get. The reverse osmosis water system filters out the impurities and takes out the fluoride that has been added to our water supply. For those that aren’t aware, fluoride is a heavy metal and yes that is a toxin and when heavy metals are ingested it is theorized they leech onto neurons and attach to the brain and cause Alzheimer’s disease (3). We have filters on all our taps and out showers at THE PIT. It may be harder to arrange this when travelling, so I suggest all the athletes purchase fill 2 pure water bottles that have a filter inside the water bottle, that filters contaminants out of the water.

USP - Reverse Osmosis UV filtration system

We recommend all our athletes drink only from glass BPA and Phthalate free water bottles to ensure no exposure to zeno-estrogens being leeched from the water bottle (7). The best bottles I have used are from The life factory bottles are made of glass, have a wide mouth  and are covered in non-toxic silicon to prevent them from breaking at the slightest knock. 

Step 3. Store foods in glass, cook in glass or cook on ceramic cookware as teflon anti-stick pans and George Foreman Grills are toxic (4,5)! Its funny how all athletes are looking to boost testosterone and depress estrogen through copious amounts of supplements, yet many cant even do the basics right of eating and preparing clean organic food. At THE PIT our Chef Santiago, introduced our kitchen facility to the new Neoflam (PTFE) Polytetrafluoroethylene Free) ceramic cookware and silicon cooking utensils for our athletes meals.

USP - Neoflam cookware

This is to ensure the organic foods we cook are not contaminated by known carcinogens and heavy metals and chemicals like cadmium and lead that leech from pots pans and woks that use non stick materials and coatings like teflon. THE PIT kitchen facility has a ceramic kettle and cups as well as a silicon and titanium tea infuser so no heavy metals or plastics leech into the water or kettle once heated.

USP - Mercola ceramic kettle

Step 4. Limit the use of mobile phones and wireless devices and microwaves. Research has shown that carrying a mobile phone in your pocket close to your testicles has an adverse affect on sperm (6). For this reason I never carry a mobile phone on me. That combined with an increase in brain cancers and tumors in the last 10 years is enough to convince me that I do not need to carry a mobile phone with me 24/7. For those that persist with carrying their phone I suggest they purchase a Pong phone case to prevent the radiation from frying their brains, ovaries and testicles.

USP - Pong research mobile phone radiation blocker phone case

Step 5. Only use certified organic, chemical free toiletries, cosmetics and house hold cleaning products. Few people are aware the many of the deodorants, after shaves, gels, soaps, shampoos and hair care products they use contain parabens which can induce estrogen type responses (not good for fat loss or building muscle) (9)! Too see how your personal care products rate in the toxicity scale of things check them out here:


Step 6. Remove Mercury and Amalgam fillings. For those that aren’t aware mercury is one of the most toxic substances in the world. Research and experience suggests mercury toxicity can cause a range of health problems including psychological, neurological,  cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, immunological, endocrinology, urinogenital and integumentary (8). I recommend that many of the elite footballers and fighters I coach remove their amalgams if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms of  mercury toxicity. We have our athletes run a Clifford materials reactivity test to ascertain their affinity for other dental materials whereby they test your blood to see how your chemistries react with the materials to ensure bio compatible materials are used in your mouth. We often find that many of our athletes make great gains in fat loss and muscle mass once they get the amalgams removed and follow the detoxification plan.

USP - Mercury poisoning

By adopting many of the strategies outlined above we have seen marked improvements in our athletes, health, body composition, energy, hormones and performance.

All the best,

Joey Hayes


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